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Robe Roadshow in the UAE

Products Involved

CitySkape 48™
CitySkape 48™CitySkape 48™
LEDWash 300™
LEDWash 300™LEDWash 300™
LEDWash 600™
LEDWash 600™LEDWash 600™
MMX Spot™
MMX Spot™MMX Spot™
ROBIN® 600E Spot™
ROBIN® 600E Spot™ROBIN® 600E Spot™
ROBIN® 600E Wash
ROBIN® 600E WashROBIN® 600E Wash

Robe lighting has completed a very successful 10 day Roadshow in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which was co-ordinated by their Middle East Regional Sales Manager, Elie Battah, and visited more than 15 major lighting industry players and companies in the region.

Elie Battah presented the Roadshow with Elie Ghanem, Technical Support for the Middle East, and Robe’s Sales Director Harry von den Stemmen  joined the event team for some of the time.

The Roadshow showcased Robe’s latest products including the new ROBIN MMX Spot, the ROBIN 600 and 300 LEDWashes, the ROBIN 600 Series Wash and Spot fixtures and the CitySkape 48.

It was the MMX – Robe’s next generation of 1200 fixtures – that attracted the most interest by far – together with the LEDWash series, especially with installers in particular becoming ever more conscious as to the benefits of using greener technology – both for the planet and their budgets!

Features impressing all about the MMX Spot were sophisticated creative features like the dual animation wheel, its brightness, power saving capabilities, small size and light weight … which is significantly less than the generation of moving lights that it’s replacing.

On one day of the tour, the Robe team visited a similar event at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai organised by lighting design practice Lighthouse – responsible for some of the best looking shows in the region and also owners of a very large Robe stock. Lighthouse’s Steve and Terry Miranda demo’d a quantity of Robe products and Jands Europe’s Neil Vann showcased the latest Jands Vista products.

Says Elie Battah, “The Roadshow was a great success and definitely enabled us to get really close to some of our clients and potential new customers, offering them a chance to see the technology close up and in depth in a relaxed environment.”

He adds that in these circumstances, it’s a lot easier to explain and show first hand how fundamentals like the brightness of a fixture are dependent on a number of elements and not just related to Wattage of the lamp.

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