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BMFL World Tour Rocks Chile

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BMFL™ Spot
BMFL™ SpotBMFL™ Spot

Robe’s BMFL World Tour reached Latin America with Chile being the first country to show the amazing new BMFL Spot in all its glory in a well-attended event organised by distributors VGL at the Teatro Caupolican, Santiago de Chile.

The tour - ongoing since September with the BMFL Spot’s global launch - is designed to bring live demonstrations of Robe’s new Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire Spot right in front of interested parties, and demonstrate the capabilities, features and functions of what is reckoned to be “The best” fixture that Robe has produced to date.

The Chilean event was presented by Robe’s Latin American Sales Manager, Guillermo Traverso.

One BMFL Spot was positioned right up on the venue’s highest balcony to show off its superior brightness, amazing aerial effects and long-throw capacity. Another one was on the stage allowing people to have a closer look.

Over 40 lighting professionals – LDs, visual designers, programmers, operators, representatives from rental companies, TV stations and venues - attended, most of them staying for well over an hour, examining the fixture in detail and asking numerous questions.

“People were generally blown away by the BMFL,” states Guillermo, adding that it’s ultimately a tool for larger concerts and events, of which there are plenty in Chile, so he sees “A lot of future potential” in the market.

VGL CEO Daniel Vinagre commented, “The BMFL presentation was a great opportunity for us to gather the most important players in the Chilean lighting industry together and show them first-hand the creative power and innovative features of this fixture.”

He adds that ever since their first glimpse of the BMFL prototype preview at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt in March … they have been itching to show it to all their contacts.

“You can see that it really paid off just watching faces in the audience as the demo continued, and we hope to see this world class product on the most important shows in Chile,” he concluded.

This opinion was shared by Guillermo, commenting, “We look forward to rocking the most important international shows in Chile with BMFLs this summer!”

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