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Robe France Appoints Installation Specialist

Robe France continues to grow after two years of phenomenal business! Their latest new appointment is that of Bruno François, who is well-known and respected in the installation sector.

Last year, Robe France introduced Anolis to the French market during the JTSE trade show, so to some it probably wasn’t a surprise to see Bruno F and his winning smile joining the team to help develop the quality architectural brand.

While architectural – including co-ordinating advising and specification - will be a key focus for Bruno F, he will also invest his time and considerable energy into a diversity of other installation areas which will involve the full dynamics of both the Robe and Anolis product ranges, including theatres, clubs, television production facilities and multi-purpose venues.

Bruno F’s industry career actually began as a Noize Boy!!!!!

He graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering from top engineering and technology college EFREI Paris, and then took an MSc in Music Technologies from Limerick University in Ireland.

Back in France, Bruno started looking for the right job in the AV industry, making contacts putting out ‘feelers’ and networking, and in the meantime worked in the mobile phone industry. Before long, he was approached by the now CEO of Robe France Bruno Garros who at the time was working for a well-known moving light brand!

He had signed a deal with French audio manufacturer APG and needed someone who could design, co-ordinate and manage turnkey solutions and installations involving, sound, lighting, video, rigging and SFX, etc.

So APG connected the two Bruno’s, and Bruno F went to work for Bruno G at that moving light  company where he project managed all types of installations including architectural and built environments for several years.

During this time his focus also switched from audio to lighting and in the process gained a massive amount of architectural knowledge and experience from a series of talented practitioners, not just in the supply and specification of equipment, but in the assistance and support levels required by customers throughout their projects.

“It opened an absolute wealth of learning opportunities which I really appreciated," explained Bruno F.

He also took advantage of this period to learn tools like DIALux, a well-known architectural lighting simulation software that was mandatory to use when pitching for these projects. This was specifically dedicated to architecture but Bruno and colleagues quickly adapted its use to various other installation projects.

“Our customers loved this inventive approach. It helped us to provide and predict illuminative data, hot spots, and to offer far more accurate information in advance.

Now the two Bruno’s are once again working together at Robe France!

All the skills, the contacts and the excellent relationships established in the installation market by Bruno will now be a major asset to Robe France.

With his appointment, the company raises its levels of support, commitment and excellence for all of its customers and relevant projects in this sector.