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David Scherz, 1964-2023

David Scherz, founder and CEO of Basel, Switzerland based ASL Electronic AG died suddenly and unexpectedly on 22nd May 2023 due to health-related issues.

He leaves a massive gap in the hearts and lives of the many people who loved and respected him.

Family, friends, work colleagues and everyone who had the privilege and pleasure to be in his orbit or to work with this larger-than-life character is heartbroken at his untimely passing. He was a committed family man who was equally dedicated to ensuring that his staff and co-workers were happy, fulfilled, motivated, and valued.

David was born and grew up in Münchenstein, a municipality just outside of Basel, and ever since early childhood was fascinated with lighting and lighting effects, which developed into his lifelong passion. He was also a very social person, loved interacting with people, and whilst still at school started organising parties where the connection between lighting and atmosphere was paramount.

David was also a natural-born entrepreneur. He studied business after high school and simultaneously started selling and renting entertainment industry products and technology aged just 17. Business and the industry were in his blood from this early age.

ASL Electronic was also founded at this time when David was 17. He already had the skills, acumen, and foresight to know it could be a successful and fulfilling career path, however not yet an adult, to start the business, he needed written consent from his parents!

He received push back from some sceptics in the industry at the time who didn’t take him seriously, but he worked hard to turn around these perceptions and make a success of the company, which soon started to flourish.

He sharpened his already great communication skills and soon enough, people started to respect his enterprise, enthusiasm, energy, and drive together with his passion for technology.

His height and striking appearance were memorable at all the trade fairs and industry events and David established himself and ASL as a leading industry player, and a company with whom people wanted to work and be associated.

The business grew and blossomed at a time when the entertainment technology and production world was still a nascent, young, and pioneering industry in the 1980s. In Switzerland, there was a clear need for professional wholesalers, an opportunity that David seized and made a business goal.

He started off with many customers in consumer electronics, and this base soon expanded to include TV studios, theatres, installers and then the all-important rental companies. David’s products and his knowledge embraced all aspects and market sectors.

He understood the power of strong messaging and operated smartly. ASL’s annual ‘Open Days’ became legendary dates on the industry calendar as networking opportunities where customers were presented with the latest and greatest technologies from a diversity of manufacturers during a 5 hour ‘marathon’ workshop session … culminating in a gala evening with dinner and lots of social activity.

David believed in the power of people, teamwork and the worth and contribution of individuals to deliver a project or solve problems. He treated and trusted his colleagues like family and believed in doing business fairly and properly and had empathy, understanding and a great appreciation of human nature as well as a very practical approach. He believed ultimately in the good of people.

His life was built and revolved around his company, running it completely hands-on as well as offering people the chance to work and be part of a lively, productive, inclusive non-judgemental environment.

Any free time was spent with his family who he adored, and to whom he is irreplaceable and will be so much missed.

He is survived by his wife and soul mate Nadia, children Lina and Noah, son-in-law Adrian and grandson Elyas.

One of David’s legacies will be the continuance of his life work in ASL Electronic.

Looking to the future, David’s colleagues, family, and friends will ensure that the company will keep growing and advancing as an embodiment of his enthusiasm and love for business. His spirit will very much live on with the talented and wonderful people with whom he chose to share his life, work, and dreams.


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