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Robe NFC controller and app

The Robe COM application is an app based on NFC (Near Field Communication). It can be either used to access to fixture’s settings of our NFC-based navigation display systems as well as reading out data of our TE™ Transferable Engines.

The companion mobile app is available in the Android Play Store, as well as in the Apple App Store. The manual for the app is available as a pdf document here.

Most iSeries fixtures are equipped with the NFC-based display and fixtures like the FORTE have the NFC antenna placed in the handle recess of the basement. It is providing users with access to parameters and personality settings via mobile device. This feature does not require the fixture to be powered on and even the display can remain off. Besides adjustment of DMX address, DMX modes and all other personality settings it also features a Patch assistant for quick patch of consequent devices. At this point, parameters readout is available on all devices supporting NFC, writing to NFC works only on platforms which support this feature.

The NFC feature is also embedded into the TE™ engines for data capturing, without powering the engine inside a fixture, meaning you can analyse all the engines data while still on the shelf!It provides a full history of the engine including serial number, total time the engine is powered, adaptive/relative usage time, engine output degradation, as well as a complete history of which fixtures the engine has been used in.This data enables you to not only keep an accurate record but tells you what performance the engine will give before you install it, making it the perfect tool when preparing equipment for rentals.


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