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Robin DL4 series color mixing related software improvements

DL4 units (DL4S Profile, DL4F Wash and DL4X Spot) are receiving several colormixing improvements.

DL4 series software update

We have released software update for DL4S Profile, DL4F Wash and DL4X Spot which is improving behavior of the color-mixing system. This update addresses popular requests to how the color mixing approximation should be improved especially during dynamic changes of dimmer and color channels. The new system uses very similar techniques as used in our DL7 fixtures - it still keeps the theatrical feel of mixing and dimming but speeds up jumps between color/dimmer values, while eliminating the previous hard-set values for size of steps with/without fade.

At the same time, we have unified the DL4 strobe behavior to match more closely with DL7 series, improved interpolation of CTC channels and corrected Tungsten emulation to provide more realistic transitions, besides other small touch-ups.

The display menu interface now provides direct access to calibration values of the internal LED engine, providing possibility to check or adjust calibration values more easily, without the need for DMX desk.

The changes to the Tungsten emulation and also elimination of some previously unintentional fading between colors may slightly change how your already programmed show looks like. Because the complexity of this update doesn't allow us to provide Personality settings for old/new behavior, we advice you to check the units after updating or to test a single unit first and then decide to update the rest. We believe that the update brings many requested improvements and details to the DL4 series but we also understand the sensitive nature of how color mixing is perceived, so if you do not like the new behavior, we will keep providing old software versions available. The downgrade procedure is supported via our international network of authorized distributors.

Download links

This update is available as usual via ROBE Uploader or you can get DSU from product pages:

DL4S Profile™ software download link

DL4F Wash™ software download page

DL4X Spot™ software download page

Older software is available from the links below

DL4S Profile, 16122150: library, macOS, Linux, Windows

DL4F Wash, 16122149: library, macOS, Linux, Windows

DL4X Spot, 16122150: library, macOS, Linux, Windows