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Robe LEDBeam 100 Find Some Skeletons!

Ljubljana’s iconic subterranean PR Skelet (Skeleton Club) has a worldwide cult following and is known as one of the liveliest and friendliest clubs in the city. Two years ago, it moved into a new larger venue licenced for 666 people with an entrance on a picturesque tree-lined square, but still retains a coffin like intimacy, a great sense of humour, cocktails that rock and a décor scattered – not surprisingly – with skeletons in all shapes, forms and states … which can get scary as the night wears on!

products involved

Owner Tadej Prašnikar has recently invested in 12 new Robe ROBIN LEDBeam 100s to keep the Skeleton Club at the forefront of Ljubljana’s spirited nightlife.

He is absolutely passionate about retaining the club’s authenticity and uniqueness as one of the best themed environments in the country, offering a popular mix of old skool / techno / commercial / 80s  music, and with that in mind, is gradually revamping the technical elements.

Initially when Skeleton opened on the new site, the budget was exceptionally tight, and with the economic situation in Slovenia still challenging, they had to make some savvy decisions. They actually inherited the venue’s lighting rig which included some Robe Club series moving light products, which were quite old and battered but still working!

Skeleton Technician Jasa Bizjak asked Dean Karov from MK Light Sound, Robe’s Slovenian distributors, to assist in getting the club up-and-running technically, and this included cleaning and servicing and rejuvenating the Club Spots – which are now enjoying a new lease of life - together with the other skeletons!

Prašnikar was really impressed with the fact the fixtures were still working efficiently, and this plus the introduction to MK, who also helped sort out some of the sound system, made him look seriously at what Robe had to offer – even though it was more expensive.

With a year of Skeletal success under their belts, the time was right for a serious upgrade. Prašnikar knows from his fund of experience as a club owner and operator that good lighting and sound is essential for creating a good atmosphere and vibe … and so confirmed the LEDBeam 100 purchase.

The tiny but powerful LEDBeam 100 is ideal for the labyrinthine and cavernous interiors of the Skeleton Club where the ceilings are low and the different rooms are an interlinking network of long chambers.

A distinctly old skool feel to the lighting matches the music policy with glitter balls dotted around the place, and the new ‘contemporary pin spot’ beams of the LEDBeam 100s ideal for maximising these.

“I generally wanted to move everything up a gear in terms of experiential quality and the LEDBeam 100s – which are dotted around in the two main rooms - have made a great difference,” he exclaims, adding that his long term plans are to ensure that Skeleton is still popular in 10 years’ time!

He has his sights set on more LEDBeam 100s and remarks that the ROBIN MiniMe which combines LED effects with video projection is absolutely ideal for a club like Skeleton!

I think we can all guess what the content might be!