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Bazelmans AVR

The trendy, modern functional Bazelmans AVR building in Eindhoven constructed where possible from sustainable materials and designed to be a light-filled inspirational 21st century workspace, sends out a strong message about quality and attention to detail.

The attractive architecture could easily be a creative or fashion studio, but the purpose built new 45,000 square metre environment was designed for the rental and sales company which moved in from their previous temporary premises about 500 metres down the road last year.

With things on the move generally, at the end of 2016 they landed the new Jochem Myjer  tour and made a substantial investment in Robe technology, comprising 20 x DL7S Profiles, six BMFL Blades, 8 x LEDWash 600Plus’s and 12 x CycFX 8s.

This was to meet the specification by lighting designer Marc Heinz for the new tour by Dutch singer and musician Jochem Myjer. It runs for two and a half years, so it made sense to purchase the kit explains project manager Aart Habraken.

The equipment was supplied via Robe’s Benelux distributor, Controllux with whom Bazelmans AVR has a long standing business relationship.

They already had some Robe fixtures in rental stock including LEDBeam 100s, LEDWash 300s, PATT 2013s, picklePATTs and MiniMes, all in active use to service various work which includes a lot of premium corporate / industrial events with some rental / staging and theatre productions.

Current owner Wiljan Bazelmans visited the Robe factory in Valasske Mezerici and was impressed with the set-up, the company and the range of products. He says “when the Jochem Myjer tour was confirmed and the spec came through, it really underlined the fact that a Robe purchase was going in the right direction”.

The tour started in January and looking after the lightshow on the road is lighting director, Tjeerd Hendriks and so far, all of the Robe elements have functioned perfectly! It takes a break during the summer, so Bazelmans AVR will be using the fixtures on a host of other jobs during this time.

“Robe is a good company with a lot of reliable and interesting products,” comments Aart, who thinks the brand’s development has been spectacular, especially in the last 6 or 7 years.

Bazelmans AVR was founded in 1955 by Wiljan’s parents and initially became a successful sales operation for a multiplicity of electrical goods.  Wiljan took over in 1991 and by that time the focus had shifted to professional AV equipment rental and sales and it’s continued along that path.

They now have 40 full time employees and a base in Amsterdam in addition to the Eindhoven HQ, and the core business is rental and sales for Audio, Video, lighting, rigging and trusses.

They now concentrate on B2B business in the form of corporate and sports events and brand activations which makes up 80% of their turnover right now, with the rest generated by lighting for concerts and festivals.

High profile sports events have included the Volvo Ocean sailing race 2014-15 for which Bazelmans AVR supplied and co-ordinated full technical production worldwide for all the stopover events.